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Helllllloooo.... from Montreal!!!

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Helllllloooo.... from Montreal!!! Empty Helllllloooo.... from Montreal!!!

Post  Sabalaz84 on Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:48 pm


My name is Sabrina...and so far i'm one of the oldest MT fan lool I'm gonna be 28 in 6 days Shocked

I live in a little town north of Montreal - Quebec - Canda! I speak french and english!lol! (that mean, i'm a part of the 90% canadian lool)

I discover Marianas Trench somewhere in my last years of University..somewhere between September 2008 and like February 2009! When exactly I don't remember! I remember Cross my heart and All to Myselft where playing at Virgin Radio and I really like those song! And the love began when I watch All to Myself video...! I remember I was studying and the TV in back of me was on Much Music. I remember they start playing All to Myself. I get up from the desk and sit on my bed in front of the TV... I stare at the TV mouth wild open and my room mate was trying to talk to me and I heard nothing! I was like... hypnotize by...Josh! Love at first sight! That's when I became a Trencher! But, I was keeping that...all to myself! lol! At that time, I considered myself a bit old to be a fan of a group that there fanbase age is like around 15 y.o! I made my "Trench coming out " when Ever After came out! That suprise A LOT of my friend who don't understand why I'm a Marianas Trench Fan...Why they are so important...and on and on!

That was my Trench Story lol!

A bit more about me, I'm working as a Front Desk Agent in a Hotel in my hometown. I have a bachelor degree in Leasure Sciences and I'm back in school studying Human Resources Management.

I'm a Proud Backstreet Boys fan since... 1996! I was 11 years old Wink I'm also a fan of the New Kids on The Block since euh well I was a way to young lol!

I guess is enough for now!!!

See yaaaa!!! Wink

Helllllloooo.... from Montreal!!! Myboys1

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Helllllloooo.... from Montreal!!! Empty Re: Helllllloooo.... from Montreal!!!

Post  Cat_MT on Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:15 pm

Hi Sabrina! Welcome to Marianas Mission! Smile Thanks for joining!

I totally agree with feeling like one of the older Trench fans. I'm 24 and I think if you're over the age of 20, you're one of the older Trench fans! haha!

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